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Where Have All the Silos Gone?

End-to-End Planning in a Post-Covid World This Blog is the 1st in a series of Blogs that explore the business case for a cohesive End-to-End plan for tomorrow’s retail environment. Introduction Retail has long been a very siloed industry. When the Covid-19 global pandemic hit with virtually no warning, we saw unprecedented change in all […]

CMA|SIMA 2021 Sponsor Interview with Todd McCourtie

Tell us about what your company does, who you serve and what value you bring to your clients as a solution provider. Plantensive is an end-to-end supply chain services provider. One of our specialty areas is category management. We service both the retail and manufacturing and fast-moving consumer goods side of the business, so we’re […]

Catman 4.0: Are we there yet?

Category Management as a well-defined standard has evolved over the last 3 decades, since the ECR movement of the Nineties.  The strategy and importance of data-driven decisions has grown to become the center point of the process.  It is no longer just about Point-of-Sale (POS) or market data but having data that can be ingested […]

Advancing Your Space & Category Management Capabilities

By Kent Smith VP, Business Development Both traditional and emerging forces in retailing compel us to become both more efficient and more precise in how we merchandise.   Advanced capabilities will enable you to deliver on precision merchandising while achieving efficiencies across the supply chain. What capabilities do you need? The answer stems from your […]

When To Upgrade Your Space Planning Software

By Nathan Matthews Sr. Functional Consultant, Space & Category Management Technology is continually evolving and for optimal efficiency, it’s necessary to upgrade your space planning suite on a timely basis.  If you’re  using an outdated system, you’re risking business productivity, security, and overall customer satisfaction.  Knowing when to upgrade is like knowing when you need […]

Quick Tips for Store Specific Plans and Layouts

Are you struggling to create store-specific plans? The desire to be both more local and operationally efficient has rekindled efforts to become more granular with planograms. Customers want the right product available; shareholders want to maximize sales and ROI; operations wants to efficiently execute and manage the display. Well done, store-specific plans sell more and […]

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