Agile Deployment Methodology (ADM) & Toolkit™

Plantensive’s Agile Deployment Methodology (ADM)

Successfully implementing the right supply chain processes and technologies requires the right balance of schedule, cost and capabilities. In response, we combined our knowledge of industry-specific supply chain planning best practices and processes with industry standards such as the Supply Chain Operational Research model (SCOR®), PMI and CMMI.

The result?

An Agile implementation approach that utilizes packaged toolsets and playbooks which have proven to reduce project costs and schedule, while delivering technology capabilities quicker.

  • Greater Stakeholder Satisfaction
  • Accelerated Time-to-Value
  • Expedited User Acceptance
  • Higher Quality Deployment

20-Week Demand & Fulfillment Implementations

We have been successfully delivering Demand and Fulfillment implementations in as little as 20 weeks. While 20 weeks may not work for every client, our defined approach, facilitated by project playbooks and Plantensive’s Toolkit reduces the project timeline and overall costs, and enhances user adoption. A 20-week implementation is achievable and made possible by a well-defined project scope and enabled by Plantensive personnel and our implementation methodology.

Plantensive Toolkit™

Accelerated time-to-value facilitated by tools and content enabled templates.

As part of our methodology, Plantensive provides clients with a Toolkit containing a full set of project deliverables, templates, and models. The Toolkit consists of complete deliverables to facilitate the organization through the design and system configuration decision making process. It is tailored for each client with respect to industry (e.g., retail, CPG, manufacturing), leading practices, and business process requirements. Our expectation is that our Toolkit will provide the content to deliver nearly 80% of our client’s solution – with the remaining 20% confirmed during the course of our “Solution Confirmation” demonstrations with the project team.

Example components of our Toolkit include:

  • Core Solution Data Templates
  • Leading Practice Processes to SCOR* level 4 (DITL)
  • Design Solution Confirmation Templates
  • Project WBS, Risk Management, Change Management, Budget Management Templates
  • Specification, Training and Testing documentation Templates
  • Cutover Plan Template

Plantensive ADM & Toolkit™ Details

Each sprint goes through all the stages of our methodolgy
Confirmation with ProtoBuild
  • Discovery & leading practice process review
  • Refine process & data requirements
  • High Level fit-gap
Solution build & ProtoPilot test
  • Demonstrate core model/blueprint
  • support resolutions of fit-gaps
  • Build and test user interface
Technical Build
  • Review Data Requirements
  • Installation and stand-up of instances
  • set initial database configurations
Integrated Test & UAT
  • Tester Training
  • test cycles for:
    • integration
    • batch runs
    • break/fix
  • support user acceptance training (UAT)
Cut over and go-live
  • User Training
  • Train-the-trainer
  • final documentation
  • system tuning
  • product migration
post go-live support
  • system tuning
  • Plantenvie SOS™ Services

Demonstrating the Solution Earlier With Your Data

Demonstrating our client’s solution during the ProtoPilot phase – using their data. One of the keys to our approach is the upfront fit/gap confirmation of our client’s solutions, which enables us to identify core requirements and data needs. Fit/gap periods typically last 10 days after which Plantensive begins the process of configuring the client’s ProtoPilot. While the Plantensive Team builds the ProtoPilot, our client team then utilizes one of our templates to begin identifying and gathering the necessary data. We have found that it is crucial to the success of the project to demonstrate the client’s ProtoPilot solution utilizing their data to add perspective and substance to the demonstration.

Agile Implementation Support

Plantensive’s award-winning implementation approach combines leading practices with innovative tools, content-enabled templates and project plans along with an Agile deployment methodology to deliver faster return on your software investment. Contact us today to learn more about Plantensive’s Agile Deployment Methodology (ADM) & Toolkit™.

Case Study

Our client is one of the largest distributors of replacement truck and trailer parts in North America. With 250 branches nationwide and multiple business lines, they maintain relationships with over 1,000 unique vendors.

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