Plantensive Category Management Toolkit

Stay ahead of your competitors with our 360 category management solution

Ask 10 category management professionals for the definition of “category management” and you’ll likely get 10 different responses. It’s most commonly defined as “managing items within a category as one strategic unit, including the determination of product pricing, placement, promotion and assortment based on a defined retail strategy, the competitive environment, and the target consumer.

The goals of category management are to influence the shopper focus during the purchasing process, create a strategy for differentiation and competition, and share information efficiently for logic-based decision making and tactical solutions.

Our 360 Category Management Solution provides total life cycle management for space planning—floorplans, planograms and anything in between. Since solution reviews get lots of attention and requires significant resources, we help you execute them efficiently and keep them current with the many changes to assortment throughout the year.

Plantensive provides complete, ongoing top-to-bottom assortment, macro, midi and micro space assessments with an eye to growing sales and margin—and staying ahead of your competition.

We synchronize your strategy for items, lines and categories across the entire planogram. We provide accurate, current, best-in-class programs and floorplans customized to your category management drivers, tactics and goals that link strategies from the shelf to the department and total stores.

Plantensive’s team of professionals delivers on-demand staff augmentation services when:

  • You need resources to maintain current and accurate data
  • You need to fill in temporary vacancies
  • Category volumes might not justify full-time staff
  • Vendors are unable to assist
  • The pace of change is high, and you need an expert to coordinate activities across your organization
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