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More strategic value, less hype.

We build and deliver pragmatic, strategic supply chain & retail planning & category management solutions.

Focusing on where you can realize the most value is critical in supply chain, retail planning today. Whether it’s getting ready for digital business transformation and optimization, you need a strategy that works for your business, infrastructure and culture.

Bringing your supply chain & retail planning strategy to life.

We start by understanding your supply chain & retail planning strategy, as well as your business strategy – and then develop an implementable and executable roadmap to bring it to life and enable you to realize measurable value.

From solution road mapping to implementing strategy, we’ve got you covered.


We bring your strategy to life by understanding both your supply chain & retail planning strategy and your business strategy to design a roadmap to realize measurable business value.


Supply chain & retail planning governance improves prioritization, decision making and network resilience, but it’s often overlooked. We help you design and implement a governance framework that enables disciplined, strategic decision-making.


We embed industry best practices into your systems, operations and processes to provide systemic value. We embed industry best practices into your systems, operations and processes to provide systemic value. As part of our methodology, Plantensive provides clients with a Toolkit containing a full set of project deliverables, templates, and models. Click here to view Plantensive’s Agile Deployment Methodology (ADM) & Toolkit ™.

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More data isn’t better if you don’t know what you’re measuring — or why. We partner with you to focus on the right data for your business to drive insights and decisions. Click here to view our partners.


We assess your current business processes that will be impacted by new software and map those capabilities to supply chain & retail planning optimization functionality by the leading software technologies in the industry.  After assessing software vendors that provide best fit capabilities, we provide an independent, objective recommendation that considers cost, requirement fit, anticipated complexity of implementation and overall usability.

Accelerated supply chain and retail planning solutions.

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