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Plantensive has had the opportunity to work globally with many of the world’s leading companies across the CPG, distribution, manufacturing, and retail industries. In today’s competitive global environment, it helps to have a professional team on your side that knows the challenges your company is facing and can provide cost-effective solutions. Our wide array of experience provides Plantensive the unique capability to understand supply chain management challenges and issues, while providing solutions from a broad spectrum of perspectives.

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The manufacturing industry faces a long list of supply chain challenges that include increasing demand variability, inventory proliferation, capacity constraints, compliance regulations, global competition, and increasing customer expectations. Plantensive has worked with many of the fortune 500 manufacturing companies to help them address their on-going supply chain issues and provide solutions.

Consumer Packaged Goods

The consumer products and goods industry have many supply chain challenges that make their supply chain quite complex. These companies experience rising raw materials costs, stalled demand, retail pricing pressures and the never-ending shifts in the customer’s preferences. Trade and tariff concerns are becoming even more of an issue than ever before. There is no longer a possibly of it affecting your products, it’s happening. CPG companies need to learn to react and find ways to reduce their supply chain complexity and proactively adjust to change. Plantensive has worked with many companies in the CPG space and helped them to address their supply chain issues and provide solutions that would set them apart from their competitors.


In today’s ever-changing retail environment, companies are learning to adjust their mode of customer interaction and expectations. With Omni-channel integration, IoT, AI, quality and compliances, operational inefficiency, and tight profit margins, it leaves very little room for error. They need end-to-end supply chain visibility while competing with the logistics 2-day turn arounds. Plantensive has worked with many retail companies on these exact supply chain challenges and have been able to help them compete in this super competitive landscape. Our knowledge of supply chain technology helps retailers daily to be proactive with their decisions versus reactive. In this industry, if you are thinking how to react to a challenge, you are already too late.


The distribution industry is a very competitive market. There are many distributors that face poorly integrated systems, information inaccuracy, and vendor relationship issues. With speed being a very important factor and metric for success in this industry, whether you have one or multiple of the challenges listed, they all interfere with the end goal of getting the product to the consumer in the fastest time, at the lowest price. The distribution industry must get creative to accommodate this fast-paced environment. Plantensive has worked with many distribution companies by helping them to address their supply chain challenges and providing solutions to keep them competitive in this space.

Case Study

Retail Leader Partners with Plantensive to Automate Planogram Optimization Using Blue Yonder Planogram Generator

Retail Store Planogram Generator

Our client, an American multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores, partnered with Plantensive to automate planogram optimization using Blue Yonder Planogram Generator.
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