Supply chain and retail planning solutions provider to many of the Fortune 500 and mid-market companies

Many of the world’s leading CPG, distribution, manufacturing and retail companies have entrusted Plantensive to successfully optimize their supply chain management processes, systems, organization and approach. Due to the ever-evolving industries we support, we continue to tailor and modernize our practical and strategic solutions to ensure our clients remain ahead of the curve.

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The manufacturing industry faces a long list of supply chain challenges that include increasing demand variability, inventory proliferation, capacity constraints, compliance regulations, global competition, and increasing customer expectations. Plantensive has worked with many of the Fortune 500 manufacturing companies to help them address supply chain challenges and opportunities with tailored, practical and forward-looking solutions.

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

Rising raw materials costs, stalled or spiked demand, retail pricing pressures, trade and tariff concerns and never-ending shifts in customer preferences create complex challenges for CPG companies. The ability to rapidly react with practical and sustainable solutions is critical for CPG success. Plantensive delivers these solutions and remains engaged to ensure effectiveness from all perspectives…people, process, technology, strategy.


Digital transformation continues to heighten customer and vendor expectations. In addition, Omni-channel integration, IoT, AI, regulatory compliance, quality management and profit expectations compound the need for operational excellence. Ensuring real time end-to-end supply chain visibility is critical, especially while competing with the logistics two-day turnarounds. Plantensive has partnered with numerous retail companies to achieve success in today’s highly competitive landscape. Our knowledge of supply chain technology helps retailers be proactive with their decisions. In this industry, if you are thinking about how to react to a challenge, you may already be too late.


As part of a highly competitive industry, distributors need to employ every accelerator. Poorly integrated systems, information inaccuracy, and vendor relationship issues prevent speed, which is a metric for success, and interfere with quickly delivering the product to the consumer at the lowest price. The distribution industry must get creative to accommodate this fast-paced environment. Plantensive has worked with many distribution companies by helping them to address their supply chain challenges and providing solutions to keep them competitive in this space.

Case Study

Retail Leader Partners with Plantensive to Automate Planogram Optimization Using Blue Yonder Planogram Generator

Retail Store Planogram Generator

Our client, an American multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores, partnered with Plantensive to automate planogram optimization using Blue Yonder Planogram Generator.
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