Why Work at Plantensive?

Our vision at Plantensive is to create clients for life by delivering excellence through our relationships and solutions. Our mission is to develop enduring partnerships as trusted advisors to organizations as they define, improve, and evolve their supply chain planning, retail planning, and category management capabilities supported by advanced technologies. 

Our Company is Our People

  • We are passionate about continuous personal growth
  • We embrace change as a driver of growth
  • We support our people on their own professional journeys
  • We respect the work/life balance of our employees

While you are working on building your career and on opportunities that will define that, Plantensive makes sure your environment provides for you. You will find:

Paid Holidays + PTO

401k Matching Program

Health Care + Vision and Dental

Join Our Team​

At Plantensive we live by a set of core tenets that drive our culture and shape the way we work.

  • Outlaws welcome.
  • Fix the problem not the blame.
  • Assume positive intent.
  • Stay Coachable.
  • Be comfortable with healthy conflict.
  • Be electable.
  • Be proud to wear the jersey.
  • Play until the whistle.
  • Work hard, stay free.
  • Stay team focused.
  • Be entrepreneurial.

Hear From Our Team

What’s your favorite thing about working for Plantensive?

Codye Satterwhite

"My favorite thing about working at Plantensive are the challenges our clients bring to us. We get to help companies do some really cool things and have a major impact on their business and futures. It’s awesome to be a part of that and work with awesome teams to address these challenges."

Anney Wang

“Working for Plantensive is an adventure because no two days are the same. There is always something to learn along with a unique problem to solve. And while sometimes this can be intimidating, there is always a co-worker happy and willing to lend a hand. It makes work exciting every day.”

Dan Luttner

"Having a job that I love and working for a great company inspires me to better my life both personally and professionally. Plantensive provides that strong and supportive culture that allows me to do just that. The Plantensive culture is a truly strong one that offers mutual support, promotes trust, rewards efforts, and most importantly ensures our consultants know their work is meaningful."

Megan Trupe

Megan Trupe

“I love my job because I know I am surrounded by professionals, who I can consistently learn from, and who will push me to be better. I love the supportive and motivational culture, and the encouragement to take on challenging opportunities.”

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