When To Upgrade Your Space Planning Software

By Nathan Matthews
Sr. Functional Consultant, Space & Category Management

Technology is continually evolving and for optimal efficiency, it’s necessary to upgrade your space planning suite on a timely basis.  If you’re  using an outdated system, you’re risking business productivity, security, and overall customer satisfaction.  Knowing when to upgrade is like knowing when you need a new pair of glasses—you can still see with your old pair, but clarity and peak performance are just out of sight, so to speak.

The following are signs that it’s time for your business to upgrade:

Change in Business Process/Requirements

If your current space planning software was selected years ago, it’s likely that your business has changed since its implementation.  These changes mean that your applications may no longer meet your needs.  Upgrades provide access to the latest features within all of your software, and it’s also a great opportunity to add needed applications to your current suite.  You need a system that supports  your current business processes.

Integration with Other Systems Is Lacking

As other systems in your business change, so does the availability of inbound and outbound data.  Upgrades provide an excellent time to make adjustments and additions to your integration strategy.


In the last few years there have been significant advancements in mobile technology, giving you access to your data anytime, anywhere.  Planograms, floorplans, and reports can now be accessed on mobile devices.  There are now options that allow users to make adjustments right from their cell phone or tablet, giving your organization the flexibility of a truly mobile workforce.

Technical Support

End-of-life or end-of-support means that the software has reached the end of its useful life and that updates and patches will no longer be released for the product. Initially, you won’t be able to notice a change when EOL has been reached; your software will keep working in the same way for a short time, but you will inevitably face problems further down the line.  The main issue with EOL software is that if you have a problem with the software, the developer can no longer assist you.

If you have lost clarity, consider an upgrade in you space planning software.  It can help your organization improve efficiency, productivity, security and overall customer satisfaction.  Vaco Supply Chain Solutions Space and Category Management team can help you evaluate your options; contact us today for more information.


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