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CMA|SIMA 2021 Sponsor Interview with Todd McCourtie

Tell us about what your company does, who you serve and what value you bring to your clients as a solution provider. Plantensive is an end-to-end supply chain services provider. One of our specialty areas is category management. We service both the retail and manufacturing and fast-moving consumer goods side of the business, so we’re […]

Catman 4.0: Are we there yet?

Category Management as a well-defined standard has evolved over the last 3 decades, since the ECR movement of the Nineties.  The strategy and importance of data-driven decisions has grown to become the center point of the process.  It is no longer just about Point-of-Sale (POS) or market data but having data that can be ingested […]

Analytic Strategy: Consumer Centric Staple

Analytic Strategy: Consumer Centric Staple

I remember attending NRF in 2013.  The theme was Big Data.  Retailers and CPG companies today have vast amounts of information but still many struggle with how the data will be consumed and executed upon across the enterprise.  Retailers and CPG companies are realizing that key points of information help drive not only an understanding […]

Consumer-Centric Merchandise Planning

By Violet Jaramillo, Sr. Solution Architect What is Consumer-Centric Merchandise Planning? Merchandise Planning is a systematic method of forecasting inventory based on historical data.  It’s a blend of data-driven forecasting along with the art of predicting trends, so that the right product is at the right location at the right time.  Today’s reality is one […]

So What Is Floor Planning, Exactly?

It’s that time of year again–decorations are up, your email’s chock full of holiday shopping offers, and you accidentally wasted a whole evening watching a Hallmark movie about two people who fall in love on Christmas due to machinations of their matchmaking cats (sadly, this is a real movie, and I can never get those […]

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