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Consumer-Centric Merchandise Planning

By Violet Jaramillo, Sr. Solution Architect What is Consumer-Centric Merchandise Planning? Merchandise Planning is a systematic method of forecasting inventory based on historical data.  It’s a blend of data-driven forecasting

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Safety Stock Is No Accident

Safety stock amount is at best an afterthought, and at worst something rarely planned appropriately. The fact is, safety stock is one of the most important settings in any supply

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Real Results with JDA’s MyPG

By Eric Bachrach, Practice Director, Category Management JDA Planogram Generator Enterprise Edition is used by many leading retailers and CPG companies to produce a large volume of store-specific planograms using

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Retailers: Know Your Competition

Know your competition.  It’s an imperative that rings true today more so than ever before.  The speed of communication has created the opportunity for a business to turn on a

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Retail Supply Chain: A Customer Shift

While attending this year’s Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) Conference in Phoenix, it was apparent that the future of retail analytics, predictive technology, and a consumer-driven supply chain is here. 

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