Real Results with JDA’s MyPG

By Eric Bachrach, Practice Director, Category Management

JDA Planogram Generator Enterprise Edition is used by many leading retailers and CPG companies to produce a large volume of store-specific planograms using consumer-centric data, with both minimal effort and extraordinary speed.  As powerful a tool as JDA Planogram Generator Enterprise is, it requires a significant investment, as it necessitates the purchase and implementation of JDA Category Knowledge Base (CKB), servers, and other incremental investments to operate at full capacity.

In 2015, JDA Software introduced a client edition of Planogram Generator called MyPG.  This version allows single users to harness the power of Planogram Generator without the need for CKB.  MyPG provides the ability to generate large numbers of store-specific planograms using planogram-specific fixtures, merchandising guidelines, assortments, and performance data, while remaining in a flat file environment.  MyPG provides the planogram production power needed by small and mid-tier companies without the large financial and resource investment burden.

MyPG Basics

MyPG is activated within JDA Space Planning.  No additional software is required; however, a purchase license is required to enable the functionality.  Like Planogram Generator Enterprise Edition, MyPG uses template planograms to serve as the basis for merchandising strategy and traffic flow on the target planograms.  Multiple target planograms can be selected and generated simultaneously. Action Lists are created to apply the merchandising rules to each target planogram based on user-defined parameters and data. 

  • MyPG is fully configurable to meet each client’s individual needs
  • No additional software or servers are required
  • A large volume of target planograms can be created at one time, often using a single template and a single Action List
  • Multiple Action Lists can also be stacked within a single Action List to perform separate merchandising commands after one list has completed. This enables the user to balance performance metrics with overall planogram aesthetics
  • MyPG can optimize target planograms based on user-defined commands in the Action List, testing hundreds (or even thousands) of planogram or shelf variations in seconds
  • The time efficiencies provided by MyPG will allow users to better allocate their efforts to analyzing category trends, assortment mix, post implementation review, and to the analysis of planograms (as opposed the drawing planograms) 
Real Results

Vaco’s Retail and CPG clients have seen tremendous results after implementing MyPG and applying it to their planogram creation process.  Here are just a few examples of the results that these companies are seeing with Vaco and MyPG:

Manufacturer/Supplier implemented MyPG and realized the following benefits:

  • A 97% reduction in the number of actionable (template) planograms needed to create all their cluster level planograms
  • Created 70% of their total planograms using only one template and one action list
  • Experienced a 67% reduction in the time taken to create and review planograms

Retailer implemented MyPG and realized the following benefits:

  • A 20-37% reduction in average Days of Supply across several categories and thousands of planograms, which provided them significant anticipated reduction in store level inventory
How can Vaco Supply Chain Solutions help?

Implementation We provide market leading expertise with the implementation and initial set up of MyPG, including configuration of the PG Score to bring efficiencies to the generated planogram review process.

Training – We can provide comprehensive, individualized training for all users on the logic, function, and uses of MyPG; from single users to larger groups.  Our personalized approach will assist clients in realizing the benefits of MyPG quickly and easily.

Process Creation – We assist clients who are new to planogram automation in creating a process from the ground up, from pre-generation tasks to post-generation analysis that’s custom fit to their individual business requirements. 

Best Practices – We provide an assessment of existing MyPG-related processes and provide enhancement recommendations, road-map, and implementation resources.

Surge Support – Vaco’s Merchandising on Demand (MOD®) is a scalable, “only when you need it” service that provides your organization with the breadth and depth of our space and category management experience without the burden of a long-term contract.

For more information on MyPG or any of Vaco’s Category Management Services, click here, or call 804-282-2033.

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