Optimization for the New Reality- Using Cost Drivers to Dynamically Re-Shape Your Supply Chain

Author: Dave Rhodes, Director- Manufacturing and Strategy

Crafting a global supply chain has always been challenging; putting a puzzle together even as the pieces change.  The stakes are high, the rewards substantial, and the risks can threaten the very existence of your company.  Two factors have conspired (no political pun intended) to make this task exponentially more difficult:

  • The scope of change
  • The pace of change

Bemoaning the shift in the economic and political climate is a bit like complaining about the wind blowing.  You can shout yourself hoarse, or you can adjust your sails.   This starts with creating the ability to rapidly account for changing cost and profit drivers, balance tradeoffs, compare multiple options and develop optimal, fact-based, justifiable action plans.

Whether you are looking to expand your internal planning capabilities or just need assistance developing a strategy to make your way through rapidly evolving cost dynamics, Plantensive Strategic Consulting can work with you to chart a clear track through these shifting winds.

If you currently run the JDA planning suite, you may already own the functionality to introduce optimized supply chain planning. Plantensive can help you fully exploit your current license to achieve your goals without incremental capital expenditures on software.  If you have been using legacy Manugistics or i2 software to support your planning processes, it’s time to explore the expanded breadth of the combined platform.  The consolidation of these market leaders has produced an unparalleled set of capabilities. Plantensive, and our JDA reseller partner, Plantensive, can evaluate your current licensing and opportunities in the new landscape, then work with you to train your people to leverage this expanded capability.

As a supply chain leader, you ponder the implications of new tariffs, evolving labor cost structures, omni-channel shipping and fulfillment options, and emerging manufacturing technologies and the cumulative effects on your supply chain.  In your search for solutions, you know that there is no appetite for additional capital expenditure on software and the churn of another implementation.  Maybe you just need some help exploring options, crunching the numbers, and developing your optimized strategy without purchasing more software.  The team at Plantensive comes from the world of business and can conduct this evaluation as a service based on the data you provide.  We understand the weight of the decisions you are facing and will work with you to apply the full scope of JDA’s capabilities to craft a supply chain strategy that will carry you through the upcoming storm.

Plantensive will be publishing a series of articles, white papers and infographics that explore the swirling winds of change in the global manufacturing, strategic supply chain planning, and functionality within the JDA suite that helps sort through your options.

We have worked with thousands of clients across a diverse set of industries.
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