JDA Enterprise Planning v. 2018.1: What to Expect

By Violet Jaramillo, Senior Solution Architect

New and exciting updates are coming with the next release of JDA Enterprise Planning. The following are the enhancements that are slated to be introduced in this release:

Platform Support:

JDA EP 2018.1 will support Oracle 12.2, as well as Windows Server 2016. Support for Windows Server 2012 will continue, as well as Windows Standard and Enterprise versions.

Data Science Forecast:

A data forecasting engine has been developed that provides EP modules with forecast data. This engine can be integrated easily and provides an additional methodology for seeding plans. The forecast engine uses existing EP structures, sales data stored in EKB, and algorithms to project a forecast for sales. The forecast can be applied to Pre-Season planning, In-Season planning, and factors in moving calendar events, such as Easter.

Dynamic Member Calculator Enhancement:

The Dynamic Member Calculator (DMC) will allow for the spreading of data based on an existing ratio when using the “Plannable” feature of DMC. When making a change to a “plannable” metric, the result will proportionally spread to the members in the calculator expression.

Revert (Undo) Functionality in Planning Spreadsheet:

The Undo functionality has been enhanced to allow planners to undo changes made to a plan even after calculating data. The Revert menu option will display the Calc History dialogue box, which allows a planner to view each calculation, the Modified Value of data, Previous Value of data, and determine how many calculations to revert the plan to.

Thinking about upgrading to JDA Enterprise Planning v. 2018.1?  Of course you are, you forward-thinking, ahead-of-the-curve, go-getter!  For more information about our Merchandise Planning and Allocation services, visit us here.  If you’d like to chat about upgrading, contact us here.

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