Supply Chain Staffing Solutions – what you should know…


When our consultants are immersed in a client’s company and culture for months at a time, occasionally, they will uncover hiring needs that the organization itself may not have. Ten years ago, we uncovered a need to help clients with their supply chain hiring. We offer the business-critical skills and experience of a consulting force–with the flexibility to staff when and how you need it. There are a number of reasons why your company might need an extra pair of (highly skilled) hands and when you do, we are ready to provide top talent to help your organization deliver crucial supply chain initiatives. Whether you need one person or a team of technical and business solution experts, we are here to provide you with the right supply chain staffing resource for your business needs. Plantensive’s  team is now ranked #4 in the nation by Forbes Magazine when it comes to helping our clients build out or augment their teams. 

Why Work with a Recruiting Team?

Have you looked at modern-day recruiting platform’s prices and feel like you’d blow your recruiting budget in just one week?

  • Our team has access to all the new recruiting tools, and this is part of our service to you!

Having trouble coming up with the perfect job description that will attract the right candidates? 

  • We got you covered! We have access to every job board out there and will know when to post your positions as well as what they should say to make sure we are grabbing the attention of the candidates you are seeking!

Confused about what the salary or hourly range should be for the candidates you are looking to bring on your team? 

  • We have a tool for that! Our team can take your location, skills and responsibilities as well as education level and give you a salary range for what other companies around you are offering!

We can help you cut wasted time, money, and resources by offering an affordable and scalable solution for all your recruiting needs. We become immersed in your culture and can reduce the uncertainty and inconsistency of third-party providers who do not accurately represent your brand. Who better to help you with those hiring needs than our trusted team of supply chain consultants and recruiters with decades of experience in the industry, as well as contacts across the globe?

We offer a team of recruiters dedicated to you and your company and can quickly and efficiently adapt to your needs. We have a detailed process that we use, globally, to make sure your hiring processes and needs are consistent. Part of our interviewing process is having our subject matter experts interview all candidates, which helps us to uncover the candidate’s true strengths and weaknesses. We provide weekly updates that gives you and your team full visibility into our recruiting process.

Plantensive is a trusted supply chain and retail planning consulting firm, that helps our clients with end-to-end supply chain solutions. Whether it is an assessment, a software implementation, strategy project, training and education need, or staffing, our consultant led projects will ultimately optimize the way your supply chain runs. If you have would like to learn more about our supply chain staffing solutions or even have an immediate need, please contact us today!

Author: Lauren Jessup

We have worked with thousands of clients across a diverse set of industries.
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