Plantensive Helps Leading Beverage Manufacturer with End-to-End Supply Chain Transformation

Supply Chain Planning Design & Implementation


Our client, a multinational beverage manufacturer and distributor decided to evaluate whether their existing supply chain software and forthcoming upgrade would be the organizations future direction, or if a platform change was needed to future-proof the business. Adding further complexity, the organization had for years rationalized business groups resulting in nearly a dozen similar business units planning in slightly different ways, and on similar but uniquely customized advanced planning tools.

The outcome was a requirement for a single, future-proof planning platform to enable all business units to plan concurrently while allowing room for localization. Blue Yonder was selected to replace the existing vendor, and Plantensive was identified as the Blue Yonder consulting partner able to architect a solution to lead the digital transformation in a blended team with Blue Yonder Services. The scope of the transformation included Demand Forecasting, Supply Planning, Production Scheduling, Inventory Optimization, S&OP and Transportation Management.

Our Solution

Plantensive proposed to implement a single global template which included standardized processes and architecture enabled by Blue Yonder. By standing up a unified platform in Phase 1, the client was able to deploy a solution more quickly, with localization to individual business units to take place in a future Phase 2. The project was accelerated and enabled by Plantensive’s unique Agile Deployment Methodology (ADM) & Toolkit™.

By beginning with prescribed best practices for each functional area, the design phase managed scope through a fit-gap exercise to determine where standardization could occur versus where localization would be necessary. Plantensive partnered with Blue Yonder to share development and architecture resources across the multiple concurrent workstreams. Plantensive designed and built the Phase 1 platform and trained the client’s managed services provider on how to deploy and customize the solution for future phases without the need for expert consulting.

Our Results

While working on this end-to-end transformation project with our client, we identified additional areas of complexity which would require different licensing and complexity. Plantensive and the client were able to effectively design, build, and test a single global platform to enable the next generation of planning excellence and consolidate from 11 separate planning systems into a single instance deployed on the

Results Highlight
  • Shortened design phase driven by best practice toolkits.
  • Creation of a single planning solution for more than ten business units.
  • Established a new platform to scale globally.
  • Enabled API integration to the Azure via MuleSoft.
  • Trained internal IT provider on system usage and maintenance.