Plantensive Introduces Demand Flex to Blue Yonder’s Partner Solution Network

Demand Flex Press Release

Plantensive Introduces Demand Flex to Blue Yonder’s Partner Solution Network

New solution changes hierarchies quickly, offers configurable attribute planning, and links to Blue Yonder workflows and batch

NASHVILLE, Tenn – July 15, 2020 Plantensive, a Vaco supply chain and retail planning consulting provider, has officially launched Demand Flex, one of its newest solutions, on Blue Yonder’s partner solutions network. The flexible demand-planning enhancement is available immediately to Blue Yonder customers.

Plantensive’s Demand Flex solution supports an enterprise-wide planning model, as well as a segregated, multi-tenant solution with multiple business units, customer models or regions. Demand Flex provides the standard foundation for creating a flexible solution that’s driven by product attributes and other planning process considerations.

For many organizations, rolling out a planning solution in a new region or business unit can require up to a six- to 9-month implementation as the team works through local challenges and builds expertise within the regional team. Plantensive has addressed this challenge with the introduction of its Demand Flex solution. Updated for Blue Yonder’s specific modules enabled through this solution are Demand, Demand Classification, Collaborate, Demand 360, and Market Manager.

“We are happy to finally share Demand Flex with Blue Yonder’s customers,” said Derek Cesarz, managing director at Plantensive. “This solution has been a game changer for our implementation clients, and we truly believe it will help companies implement quicker, save costs, and provide better flexibility for internal maintenance of the solution.”

As Plantensive develops tools to enhance the Blue Yonder platform, the company is constantly working toward using data attributes to drive solution enablement and reduce the need for human interaction. Machine learning is a focus of Plantensive and the Demand Flex solution is a function of that thinking.

Plantensive Demand Flex, which is the newest release of Plantensive Toolkit™, delivers these benefits:

  • Reduced time to value (successful implementations in 4 months or less)
  • Reduced implementation or upgrade/enhancement costs
  • Enablement of an agile supply chain

“We had a goal of becoming more ‘shelf-connected.’ To do this, we knew integrating Point of Sale (POS) information into our solution was key,” said Andy Gray, MTD Products Inc’s director of demand and supply planning. “Demand Flex allowed us to quickly add additional history streams into our existing hierarchy so we could forecast POS and quickly react to trends in the marketplace without significant development or project resources.”

To learn more about Plantensive’s Demand Flex solution, click here.

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