Category Management Outsourcing

Do you ever wish your team could double in size during busy season?  Rolling out a new program?  Adding versions or clusters?  Going store specific? Huge change in assortments?  Upgrading and need to bring plans up to a new standard? Chances are you’ll be pressed for time to get it all done – but don’t let a resource constraint compromise your customer-driven strategies.

Vaco Supply Chain Solutions’ Surge Support enables you to tap into resource pool of planogrammers, floor planners, and analysts when you need them – and only when you need them. Our team is located here in the U.S. and Canada, and are available whenever they are needed.  As a JDA Alliance member and a member of the CMA, our relationships and deep industry experience means we have a proven track record of completing engagements on-time, on-budget, and to specification.

How It Works

What We Do

We provide you with talented, on-shore space and category management professionals, including floor planners, space planners, category analysts, and category managers, for your organization’s short and mid-term needs.

When to Get Surge Support

Any time your existing resource base doesn’t have the bandwidth to create and maintain accurate, up-to-date floorplans and/or planograms for all your clusters and formats, such as: seasonal change overs, store remodeling efforts, additions of clusters and formats, testing clusters and formats, temporary staff re-assignments and leaves, the launch of new programs, a major change in assortments off cycle, or in converting the plans of recently acquired stores and chains.

Why We’re Different

Our entire outsourcing team is U.S. or Canada-based, can work collectively, and are industry veterans. Often living in your markets, they understand your custom(?).  Category Management outsourcing is an “on-demand” service you can call on any time during the year, on short notice, to get certified support your customers deserve.

What You’ll Get

The right resource, with the right skills, at the right time, ensuring your organization has the capacity to meet its space and category management objectives–without blowing the budget.

The Result

Accurate and up-to-date plans, ensuring speed to market and compliance, giving you the competitive edge with customers – driving sales, loyalty, and profits.

Additional Note: 

If you need technical or functional solution experts, we offer category management consulting services as well. Whether it is one person or an entire team of experts, we’re here to support your business needs. We also provide planogram outsourcing if your company needs on-going support for producing planograms and floorplans.