MEBC Listed in August 2016 Market Guide from Gartner

The world’s leading information technology research company that delivers insight on technology-related trends, Gartner Inc., has mentioned MEBC in the August 2016 Gartner Report as a third-party provider in the supply chain planning system integrator market. This recent report includes MEBC as a provider to supply chain planning leaders in search of solutions for implementing demand planning, supply planning and S&OP strategies. Published August 15, 2016 the Gartner report provides organizations with a process and criteria to select supply chain service providers, and mentions MEBC and other providers that offer supply chain management application services.

As a JDA Software Alliance Partner, MEBC specializes in JDA’s demand, supply, inventory optimization, and production scheduling technology solutions. MEBC has received five consecutive awards from JDA for Global Innovation, Cloud Excellence, and Specialty Consulting across various industries worldwide. Clients who are seeking consulting system integrators look to the experts at MEBC to identify business process opportunities first, and then begin to design solutions to optimize the return on investment from their technology solutions. MEBC is thrilled to be mentioned in the 2016 Gartner report as a system integrator in the supply chain planning market, and will continue to deliver advanced methods for resolving our client’s greatest challenges.

To find out more about our most recent mention by Gartner in the Market Guide for the Supply Chain Planning System Integrator Market, you can view the entire press release here.

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