How HR Management and Supply Chain Management are similar…


Human Resources Management and Supply Chain Management are very similar: From the ebb and flows of demand in hiring to the ebbs and flows of candy needed at Halloween or the number of toys cranked out around the holidays. Human Resources (HR), like supply chain, handles a chain of interrelated departments with many different responsibilities all trying to achieve the same goal.

What are the similarities?

Anyone that runs a supply chain will tell you that the three (3) main components of a supply chain are:

  • Sourcing – making sure you have the components, raw materials, needed to manufacture the inventory and create the supply.
  • Scheduling – Scheduling the production or purchasing of items to line up with the product needs and the demand during different times of year
  • Delivery – getting inventory to the right place on time and on budget.

Anyone that runs an HR Department will tell you that the three (3) main components of their department are:

  • Sourcing – recruitment and the selection of candidates that match the upcoming demand.
  • Scheduling – supplying candidates with opportunities to meet the demand.
  • Delivery – hiring candidates to the organization within the right time frame as well as within the budget.

Much like a supply chain, human resources can also be described as the backbone of an organization, and without it, there is a chance the organization could fall apart.  

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Author: Lauren Jessup

We have worked with thousands of clients across a diverse set of industries.
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