defense logistics agency

The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) supplies nearly all of the consumable items America’s military forces need to operate – from food, fuel and energy to uniforms, medical supplies and construction material. DLA oversees a work force of more than 25,000 civilian and military employees across nine supply chains managing more than 5 million items and works in 48 states and 28 foreign countries. The Defense Logistics Agency is one of Plantensive’s oldest and most recurring clients. Plantensive began operations in 2002 supporting several key supply chain transformation projects: DLA Distribution Planning & Management System (DPMS), DLA Strategic Material Sourcing (SMS), and the DLA Business Systems Modernization (now called Enterprise Business System).

In each of these projects Plantensive provided subject matter expertise in supply chain planning and technology expertise working directly with DLA user community and executive leadership in several J-Code organizations. From there Plantensive also provided a team that held project track leadership roles in the DLA Customer Relationship Management Program – a large SAP CRM implementation project. Since these large scale projects, Plantensive has continued to work project engagements at DLA – particularly with the J6 and J3 Organizations – to provide supply chain planning subject matter expertise, business system analysis and modernization recommendations, as well as assessments of the DLA Demand and Supply planning organizations to provide actionable recommendations to modernize business processes and workforce transitions in order to support an evolving DLA customer base.