Category Advisor Consulting Overview

Don’t have the volume to justify a full-time category advisor? Or is there no supplier with enough share to provide such support? Plantensive can assign an industry veteran in the Category Advisor role to provide the right analysis and strategy formulation and to develop assortments, planograms, and other programs. We balance inputs from across the vendor community and to develop a sound program, enabling you to share the costs with other participants. Just because no single supplier dominates a category doesn’t mean you can’t have the strategic perspective and industry know-how to ensure the category thrives.

How It Works

What We Do

Act on your behalf as the category advisor by fusing company, supplier, and competitive insights into a cohesive, evolving, ongoing strategy – rationalizing assortments, developing planograms and off-shelf displays, directing planogram and advertising support, negotiating and working with suppliers and third parties, and working as part of your great category management team.

When to Use Category Advisor Consulting

When you need to impartially balance the varying perspectives of different suppliers; to act as the “super vendor” for categories when no supplier has enough critical mass to justify permanent planogram outsourcing; when a full time category manager isn’t justified by business volume but you want a focused expert nonetheless.

Why We’re Different

Our consulting team is comprised of long-tenured industry experts able to draw upon a phenomenal resource base, lasting relationships, and histories within the industry. Our engagement model ensures that you only pay for the expertise you need, providing you with complete flexibility.

What You’ll Get

Rationalized and evolving assortments, promotional strategies, space plans, and expertise.

The Result

A holistic yet actionable category strategy that drives sales, loyalty, and profits – with a shareable cost structure economical to all parties involved.